Plumbers Compliance Certificate

Plumbers in Victoria are governed by the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) and must adhere to strict codes and acts.

It is a legal obligation for Plumbers to provide their clients with a Compliance Certificate when works exceed $750.00 including GST or when there is ANY work completed on Gas appliances or Gas lines, no matter the value.

The image below is an example of what a Compliance Certificate looks like.

Plumbing compliance certificate sample

If you are unsure about the plumber or tradesperson you have contacted, you can ask to see their licence – you can also check their licence to make sure it is valid and up to date on the VBA website.

At Bendigo Roofing, we pride ourselves on our quality of work and the rapport we have with our clients, we will gladly show you our licence upon request, our licence number is also on our advertising.

In order for plumbers to renew their plumbing licence every year, they must also hold insurance that is specific for the Plumbing industry, without this insurance, the VBA will NOT renew a licence.

This insurance covers both the client and the plumber.

The below link to the VBA website provides some further information on issuing compliance certificates.

In the event of an insurance claim for works that have been performed by an unlicenced plumber, your insurance company may request a copy of your compliance certificate, if you cannot provide one, they may refuse your claim.