Residential Colorbond Roofing Constructions & Repair

Bendigo Roofing specialises in colorbond roofing construction, replacement and repair.

Our roof construction services are provided at competitive prices for all our clients.

We specialise in Colorbond Roofing in Bendigo.

Every roof needs maintenance in order to keep it in good condition. We offer all maintenance type services* in order to ensure that all your roof is always at its best and any future problems may be averted as a result of looking after your roof.

We do roof repair such as checking and securing roof flashing, locating and repairing any leaks etc.

Whether you require roof construction, roof repair or restoration we will visit you to discuss the job and we will give you a written quote on the work that needs to be done.

Our work is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Services we offer include*:

  • Roof Construction
  • Roof Repair
  • Guttering
  • Customized roofing solutions
  • Roof leak detection (Charges Apply)
  • Flashing design and installation
  • Roofing inspections and Insurance reports (charges apply)
  • Metal Fascia and Fascia cappings
  • Guttering & stormwater renewals

Bendigo Colorbond roofing








Whether you are building a new home or if your roof has been damaged from weather related storms, or it needs cleaning, or it is just getting old and needs replacing with a colorbond roof, give us a call today on  0437 000 947 and get your complimentary roof quote!

*Metal roofing only (colorbond, galvanised steel & Zincalume)