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Posted on: July 19, 2011 by in Roof Repairs
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Roof repairWhat to do if your roof has been damaged and you need roof repair.

Sometimes we can be hit by unexpected storms, sudden strong winds or hail storms that can easily damage your roof and all of a sudden you need roof repair.

As a home owner if your roof is damaged by a storm you need to act quickly. In order to be covered by insurance, get a roof inspection as soon as possible to assess the damage and also to help prevent any other damage occurring.

It may be that your roof can be repaired rather than replaced, so it’s important to take quick action. This will also keep your house protected.
If you need roof repair or replacement after storm damage here are some helpful steps you can take.

Before calling the insurance company or the roofer be sure to check the inside of your house also for any damage. This ensures that everything is covered.

  • If it’s storm damage that you have visibly check your roof for any damage whether it be dense or damaged tiles. Some of these elements can be repaired straight away.
  • Get an inspection as soon as possible from a roofing company. An inspection will generally be free because the company wants your business. If you file an insurance claim, the roofer knows that the insurance company will also do an inspection, see you don’t need to worry about any dishonesty happening.
  • If you get an estimate from a roofing contractor make sure it includes all costs. This covers you for all costs as often the insurance company will send the reimbursement check directly to the roofing company rather than use a home owner and this will just make sure you are covered stop make sure you are aware of all the repairs that are going to be done costs so that you don’t end up with any extra charges.
  • If your home is damaged in a storm and you need proof repair get it done as quickly as possible even if it might seem like something minor because small problems can easily become a big one that then damages your house even further. It will be most likely that your home owners insurance policy will cover the roof repair so there’s no point in delaying.

Even if it is a small issue, don’t put off the roof repair needed. Your roof protects not only you but it also protects your house so important to take care of it look after it and this will save you in the long run.

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